I think it’s important for research to find its way into public discourse, so I make an effort to respond to media inquiries and write for mainstream media. 

I have published in Psychology Today, The Conversation, Discover Society and most Estonian daily, weekly, and culture newspapers. 

I've commented on topics related to misinformation, new platforms and apps, internet governance and content moderation, emerging social media cultures and apps etc in Estonian (ETV, TV3, Kanal 2, Vikerraadio, Kuku raadio, Raadio 2) and international media (Wall Street Journal, Financial Times, Frankfurter Allgemeine Quarterly, Wired, VG, Australian Broadcasting Tripl J radio, BBC Radio 1 and 4, The Times, Helsinkin Sanomat, The Irish Times, New Scientist, Fast Company, Quartz, The Telegraph, New Statesman, The Atlantic, La Presse).

 I’m committed to public facing scholarship and have received the Estonian Research Council's Nationally Recognized Science Popularizer Award in 2020 and in 2022.

Some of my popular publications and interviews are available if you click into the menu above.