Markham, A.N., Tiidenberg, K.  (2020). Metaphors of Internet. Peter Lang Publishing.

What happens when the internet is absorbed into everyday life? How do we make sense of something that is invisible but still so central? A group of digital culture experts address these questions in Metaphors of Internet: Ways of Being in the Age of Ubiquity.

Masso, A., Tiidenberg, K., Siibak, A. (2020). Kuidas mõista andmestunud maailma? Metodoloogiline teejuht.

This book focuses on the study of data as one of the most important and controversial phenomena of recent years. The book focuses on different methods and methodological techniques, which are applied to study data as a social process, during which everyday activities and social processes are transformed into numerical data.


Ibrus, I., Tamm, M., Tiidenberg, K.  (2020). Eesti digikultuuri manifest. Tallinna Ülikooli kirjastus.

This book gathers twenty essays published in collaboration between Tallinn University and Postimees, which were originally published in the "Digital Culture" section of Postimees's supplementary newspaper AK, on this occasion.