Participatory Wellbeing Research group of EstWell (Estonian Center of Excellence of Well-Being Sciences)

01.01.2024 – 31.12.2030

Participatory Wellbeing Research Group (PI Katrin Tiidenberg) is one of the 8 research groups making up the Estwell centre of excellence. This research group brings together sociologists, HCI scholars, social work scholars, public health and prevention scholars at Tallinn University whose main contribution towards the shared research at the centre of excellence is exploring wellbeing via the question of how agential individuals understand and manage their wellbeing in their broader self-care ecosystems? We will explore the elements and relations that make up self care ecosystems in Estonia, investigate the beliefs people hold about their self-care behaviors and how those link to wellbeing, including how those link to their wellbeing behaviors as seen by institutions and policies (eg vaccination). We’ll explore the role of everyday life and everyday technologies in people’s self-care practices
The co-investigators of the Participatory Wellbeing Research group are Merike Sisask, Triin Lauri, Vladrimir Tomberg, Karmen Toros and Tiina Tambaum and their respective teams of collaborators, post-doctoral researchers and doctoral students.

EstWell (PL Andero Uusberg) brings together leading researchers of the human mind, human body, social context, and spatial context join forces to produce an interdisciplinary understanding of the complex systems underlying well-being: the subjective and objective quality of an individual's life across different domains. We will address 4 research areas. CORRELATES: Which bio-psychological and socio-spatial factors predict stable WB components?  MECHANISMS: How are dynamic WB components instantiated within individuals? RA3 SELF-CARE: How do individuals understand and manage their WB in self-care ecosystems? RA4 INTERVENTIONS: How to improve WB using targeted and tailored interventions? EstWell will fund interdisciplinary researcher positions; a registry-linked longitudinal study LongEstWell; a doctoral school; marquee events; and grants for mobility and collaboration. EstWell will raise the productivity and profile of participating groups, institutions, and Estonian well-being sciences.