Thanks, I hate it: participatory practices on social media

(May 2020, Zoom lecture). keywords: participatory culture, social media practices, consuming, creating, curating, memes, selfies. 40 min Text available here.

Visual social media

(November 2020, Zoom lecture). keywords: visual social media content, visual social media practices, how to study visual social media, meaning making through visuals, visuals on different platforms, different types of visuals)

Ekspert eetris

(eesti keeles, in Estonian). võtmesõnad: sotsiaalmeedia, tähelepanumajandus, manipulatsioon

Selfies, Affordances and Situational Proprieties

invited talk at University of Queensland.
keywords: selfies, affordances, situational proprieties, granularity, visual practices on social media, social media affordances, Instagram, Tumblr, Goffman

Your looks are laughable, unphotographable, yet you’re my favorite work of art …

Talk on snapshots, pregnancy and being pretty on Instagram – Microsoft Research New England, 2014

Ted X TTU, We’re all selfish, superficial and too fat

Tallinn, Estonia, 2019